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Market Knowledge Acquisition, Transfer and Distribution from China to Lenovo’s PC Unit in USA

Written by Miguel Carnero, Joonas Saari and Jonna Tuominen, Sweden, China, and USA

Linnæus University



Knowledge Based Strategies in a Distant Market Context Market Knowledge acquisition, transfer and distribution from China to Lenovo’s PC unit in USA

Author: Miguel Carnero, Joonas Saari and Jonna Tuominen

Supervisor: Niklas Åkerman

Examiner:Niklas Åkerman

Date: 12.01.2015

Subject: Knowledge Based Strategies in a Distant Market Context

Level: Master

Course code: 15HT-4FE512

Executive Summary

The following report is written for the management team of Lenovo to suggest the means for the successful market knowledge acquisition and collection as well as transfer and distribution to its newly obtained Personal Computer (PC) unit in the United States of America.

The research group has identified the relevant market knowledge to be acquired, consisting of both institutional and business network knowledge, and suggested Lenovo to pursue a diversified knowledge acquisition strategy by using both internal and external sources for information collection. Thus, various sources of market knowledge have been presented, such as direct experience, indirect experience, external search and internal information. A lot of attention has been paid towards external search; for instance, the company’s own market research and marketing intelligence activities such as online sources are found to be relevant sources. The group also recognized the individuals and departments within the PC unit who should be in charge of collecting certain types of market knowledge, based on the collector’s previously-related knowledge on the subject in issue.

In addition to the collection process, the report distinguishes the methods for the continuous transfer and distribution of both tacit and explicit knowledge through various organizational activities and practices such as digital platforms, reports in both written and video format as well as training and coaching sessions. Thus it is recommended that the management team of Lenovo uses both virtual and physical transfer and distribution methods. The evolvement of digital and technological solutions should enable the company to utilize the virtual methods even more effectively in the future. This design process strategy is substantive in means of increasing organizational knowledge of the Chinese market as it has an uncertainty-reducing effect, and consequently increases the possibility of market share gains in China.

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