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International Business Marketing Strategy in an Emerging Market Country. Part 1

Written by Xiuyu Cao, Miguel Carnero, and Laura Weishaupt, Sweden and Chile

International Business Marketing Strategy In An Emerging Market Country. Part 1. Case Study Of The Swedish Amokabel In Chile

Author: Xiuyu Cao, Miguel Carnero, Laura Weishaupt

Date: 30.09.2015


This report elaborates an International Business Marketing (IBM) strategy for Amokabel, a Swedish cable manufacturer. The IBM strategy aims at facilitating the company’s market entry in the Chilean market.

To understand the company’s characteristics and to provide a feasible scenario for the Chilean market, Amokabels previous experiences in the Indian market are being considered.

The report highlights Amokabels’ situation by analyzing how the company adds value to the customers and which capabilities back up Amokabels’ operations. The network strategy, linkage strategy and competitive strategy are deconstructed in order to know how the company interacts with its environment. The detailed analysis of the marketing process gives a deep understanding of the steps that have to be done for successfully fulfilling a project.The organizational structure is dissected with the aim of including the new company division into the existing organization.

It is found that Amokabel should enter the Chilean market in two phases. The first phase serves to establish the business in the Chilean market and expanding it to other South American markets. The second phase focusses on deepening the local roots in the new Emerging Market and on leveraging local conditions.

The underlying theoretical models are based on the institutional network approach. The link to the day-to-day business relies on empirical data gathered through an expert interview.

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